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2 février 2018, Strasbourg

Apports multidisciplinaires en musicologie : enjeux, interrogations et défis

8-10 février 2018, Bloomington

Wounded Galaxies 1968: Beneath the Paving Stones, the Beach

9 février 2018, Toulouse

L'accordeur de piano dans la littérature et au cinéma : un personnage à / sans histoire(s) ?

11-13 février 2018, Fort Collins

Aries Composers Festival 2018 : Call for Presentations and Lecture Recitals

12-16 févier 2018, Saint-Étienne

Un romantique sous Louis-Philippe : le « juste milieu » en question.


15-17 February 2018, Murcia

Fifth International Congress: Music and Audio-Visual Culture (MUCA)

February 16, 2018, University of Maryland

The Intermedia Restoration

February 18, 2018, Berea (Ohio)

Bach on Screen

February 21-22, 2018, Ghent

The Power of Musical Networks

22-23 février 2018, Florence

L'ecrivain(e) dans la musique

February 22-25, 2018, Tallahassee, Florida

Society for Eighteenth-Century Music Eighth Biennial Conference.

23rd-24th February 2018


24-25, 2018 Long Beach

Max Steiner: Man and Myth Symposium, February

Date limite : 28 février 2017

Voltaire et la musique appel à débat



March 2-3, 2018, San Diego

Sonic Fluidities: An Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference

5-6 mars 2018, Paris

Les institutions musicales à Paris et à Manchester pendant la Première Guerre mondiale

March 7-8, 2018, Chicago

Dislocations: Reassessing Ligeti's Many Worlds in the 21st Century

8-9 March 2018, Paris

Conference: Electronic Instrument-Making

8-10 mars 2018, Salzburg

When the Music Takes Over. Musical Numbers in Film and Television

9-10 March 2018, Toronto

Nineteenth-Century Time: A Symposium



March 10–11, 2018, Ann Arbor

Music and Borders, Symposium

17-18 March 2018 Cambridge

Musical Culture in the Wars of Religion, 1550-1650

19-21 mars 2018, Glasgow

Debussy Perspectives

19-23 mars 2018, Manchester & Glasgow

Claude Debussy in 2018: a Centenary Celebration

20–21 March 2018, Bergen

The Nordic Ingredient : European Nationalisms in Norwegian Music after 1905

22-23 mars 2018, Lille

Le rôle de la musique et du chant en Littérature de jeunesse

22–25 mars 2018, Orlando

Annual Meeting of the American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies Orlando

23-25 mars 2018, Murfreesboro

Opera and Musical Theater in the United States


30 mars 2018, Rouen

Le jazz de Django Reinhardt et de ses contemporains jusqu'à nos jours

30–31 March 2018; Séoul

Rethinking Sound 2018




3 et 4 avril 2018, Aix-en-Provence

Créer pour éduquer. La place de la transdisciplinarité

3-6 avril 2018, New York

Musicology in the Age of (Post) Globalization

5th & 6th April 2018, Tromsø

Music and Gender in Balance

5-7 April 2018, London

Seeing and Hearing the "Beyond": Art, Music, and Mysticism in the Long Nineteenth Century

5-7 April 2018, London

Soundscapes: New challenges, new horizons

April 9-14, 2018, Redlands

What's Next for the “Great American Symphony”? : The Frederick Loewe Symposium in American Music

9-10 April 2018, Paris

Serge G. : An International Conference on Serge Gainsbourg,

9-11 April 2018, University of Oxford

Wagner 1900

April 9-14, 2018, Redlands

What's Next for the “Great American Symphony”?

April 10-14, 2018, Eugene

Early Music Conference : Musicking: Cultural Considerations

13–14 April 2018, Philadelphia

Temple University Theory, History, and Ethnomusicolo-gy Society (THEMUS)

13-14 avril 2018

Law and (dis)order : The forty-fourth annual Sawanee Medieval Colloquium

April 13th, 2018, London

Music History and Historical Materialism: Reflections and Possibilities


16 April 2018, Senate House, London

Beyond 'Mesearch': Autoethnography, Self-reflexivity, and Personal Experience as academic Research in Music Studies

April 16-18, 2018, Minneapolis

Prince from Minneapolis: A Symposium at the University of Minnesota

19–22 April 2018, Boulder

Twenty-Sixth Annual Conference of The Society for Seventeenth-Century

April 19-21, 2018, Cleveland

Beyond Genre: Jazz as Popular Music

20-22 avril 2018, Utrecht

Material Cultures of Music Notation



20-21 avril 2018, Madrid

Music and Freedom : the 150 Anniversary of the spanish glorious Revolution

20th-21st April 2018, Maynooth

Queerness, Voice, Embodiment : 2nd Symposium of the LGBTQ+ Music Study Group

April 26-27th, 2018, Evanston

Music and Intersectional Thought

26-28 avril 2018, Yale University

Biennial Meeting of the American Bach Society

26-27 avril 2018, Besançon

Écoutes du fantastique : analyses de l'ambiguïté et ambiguïtés de l'analyse



9-10 May 2018, Hong Kong

Contacts, Collisions, Conjunctions

9-11 mai 2018, Carmel

Reading Musicals: Sources, Editions, Performance

May 9-12, 2018; Ann Arbor

Seventh annual Meeting of the Historical Keyboard Society of North America (HKSNA)

9-13 May 2018, Lisbon

Chinese Music as cross-culture

10 - 12 May 2018, Oviedo

Symphonism in Nineteenth-Century Europe

10-13, 2018, Kalamazoo

53rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, May


May 11-12, 2018, Boston

Thirty Years of War: Henrich Schütz and Music in Protestant Germany

11-15 May 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

xivth Congress on Musical Signification : Music as Cultural Heritage and Novelty

May 14-15, 2018

Confounding Expectations Graduate Student Conference. Exploring the Creative Process in Music

May 14-16, 2018, Hong Kong

Music between China and the West in the Age of Discovery

17-18 mai 2018, Caen

Voix transfigurées : troubles, ruptures et travestissements

19th May 2018, London

Music in the Psychoanalytic Ear: Thinking, Listening and Playing



6-8 juin 2018, Helsinki

The role of institutions and the institutional process in music history

7th June 2018, Preston

The Future of Live Music,

7-9 June 2018, Lisbonne

3rd International Conference on Historical Keyboard Music: Authorship in Historical Keyboard Music

8 June 2018, London

Surrealism and music in France, 1924-1952: interdisciplinary and international contexts



9-12 June, 2018, Canterbury

Music and image in cultural, social and political discourse

June 15–16, 2018, Knoxville

Nief-Norf Research Summit 2018: New Asia

19-20 June 2018, Uppsala

Future/Present: Current Practices in Pop Music Studies

20 June 2018, Nottingham

Biography and Public History: Constructing Historical Narratives through Life-Writing

20-23 juin 2018, Paris, Versailles, Royaumont

Repenser la musique en France à l'époque baroque

27-30 June, 2018, Cascais, Portugal

The Anatomy of Polyphonic Music around 1500

28-30 June 2018, Salzburg

Lasting Impressions. Music and Material Cultures of Print in Early Modern Europe

29-30 June 2018, London

A Musical League of Nations?: Music Institutions and the Politics of Internationalism – a Symposium,

Arts, 29-30 June 2018, University of Surrey

Centennial Reflections on Women's Suffrage and the

May 29-June 1, 2018, Kingston

“Reconsidering Genre in Music Theatre” at CATR (Canadian Association of Theatre Research)



2018, 5-8 July 2018

Medieval and Renaissance Music Conference Maynooth


5-7 juillet 2018, Montréal

Timbre 2018 : Timbre Is A Many-Splendored Thing,

9-12 July 2018, Canterbury

Music and image in cultural, social and political discourse

10-15 juillet, 2018, Cremona

18th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music

July 11-13, Vipiteno, Italy

Russian-Italian Musical Connections

18-24 juillet 2018 Wadgassen

Wind music, new media and music education

July 30-August 1, 2018

North American British Music Studies Association Biennial Conference 2018



September 2018, Pittsburgh

Sounding Bodies (Music and Sound Studies Network), GSA 2018

3rd-5th September 2018, Huddersfield

Crosstown Traffic: Popular Music Theory and Practice

5–7 septembre 2018, Birmingham

Éditer, interpréter et re-composer le passé musical : l'émergence du néoclassicisme français (1870–)

10-16 September 2018, Hubei and Shanghai

Theory, Technology and Methods: Museums' Interpretation of Musical Traditions

26 to 28 September 2018, Varsovie

International Chopinological Conference: The integration of a work: from miniature to large scale

27-30 September 2018, Pittsburgh

Liberalism and Its Discontents: Music and Culture in German-Speaking Europe, 1848-1914

September 30-October 2, 2018, Ann Arbor

Women's Impact on Organ, Harpsichord, Carillon and Sacred Music



5-7 October 2018, Lucca

L'abbé Gounod: French Sacred Music during the Romantic Era

9th-21st October, Bolzanoxxv Annual Conference of Italian Musicological Society

October 11-13 2018, Vienna

International Arnold Schönberg Symposium 2018

13 octobre 2018, Perpignan

Autour d'Ange Georges Bousquet, compositeur, critique et chef d'orchestre (1818-1854)



October 18-20, 2018, Montréal

Music and the Nation III: Music and Postwar Transitions (19th-21st Centuries)

20/21 October 2018, Brighton

Vocal Sound and Style 1450 to 1650

October 25-27, 2018, Los Angeles

Celebrity / Obscurity : 44th Annual Nineteenth-Century French Studies Colloquium




1-4 November 2018, San Antonio, TX

Absolute Music Before 1700: Textless Repertoires and Practices



8-9 novembre 2018, Poitiers

Penser, composer, pratiquer la musique à l’époque du Compendium musicae (1618) de René Descartes

8-10 novembre 2018

De la Berceuse héroïque à In Flanders Fields : La musique, la Belgique et la Grande Guerre, Bruxelles

9–10 November 2018, Birmingham

François Couperin: a 350th anniversary symposium

16-18 November 2018, Lucca

Music and Figurative Arts in the Nineteenth Century

20-22 November 2018 in Biel/Bienne

Fifth International Romantic Brass Symposium

21-23 novembre 2018, Valenciennes

Charles Trenet : que reste-t-il de ses beaux jours ?

30 Nov.- 02 Dec. 2018, Lucca

Ars Antiqua III: Music and Culture in Europe, c1150-c1330



2019, France

Berlioz 2019 : ouvrage et colloque international





4- 6 September 2019, Manchester

Royal Musical Association Annual Conference 2019