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samedi 29 mars 2014


Italian Pop Music and Lyrics

Call for papers

29 mars 2014, Indiana University Bloomington

In Italian studies, the role of popular music and lyrics is complex and rich. The relationship between music and poetry goes back to the origins of Italian literature, and is still alive in contemporary culture. This conference, the second of its kind at Indiana University, seeks to continue the conversation on popular music in Italy in the 20th and 21st Centuries. We invite contributions from scholars at all levels on any aspect of Italian pop music. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

· The relationship between music and lyrics
· Contact between popular music and literature
· Pop music and visual culture
· Questions of (national, regional, etc.) identity in popular music
· Lyrics in translation
· Pop music and politics or social issues
· Gender and sexuality in pop music
· Folk music
· Language and lyrics
· Pop music in Italian language teaching

Please send abstracts of no more than 400 words to italian popmusic at by November 30, 2013.

Visions of the Beyond : Olivier Messiaen and French organ music

29 mars 2014, Londres

This conference, to be held on Saturday March 29, 2014 at the Southbank Centre, London forms part of the Southbank's Pull Out All the Stops organ festival. It celebrates the organ music of Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992), but also his contemporaries Jehan Alain (1911-40) and Charles Tournemire (1870-1939), and Messiaen's student Jean-Louis Florentz (1947-2004).

Papers should address the technical and the aesthetic elements of this music. In particular, papers with a focus on how the religious or spiritual nature of this music is communicated to a secular world would be welcome. All papers should be focused on the dissemination of expert knowledge to the public.

The keynote speaker for the conference will be the composer Julian Anderson.

Papers should be 20 minutes long (with 10 minutes for Questions and Answers). Abstracts of 200 words should be sent to Dr Robert Sholl: r.sholl at, by January 15, 2014.

Musical Boundaries: Permeations and Explorations

Call For Papers

29 mars 2014, Canada

Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Carleton University's Music and Culture Graduate Student Society invites proposals for their fourth annual conference, “Musical Boundaries: Permeations and Explorations,” held onMarch 29, 2014 at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We are very pleased to announce that this year's keynote speaker is Dr. George Lewis from Columbia University. Dr. Lewis's research explores electronic and computer music, computer-based multimedia installations, text-sound works, and notated and improvisative forms. Dr. Lewis will be presenting his address on “Improvisation as a Way of Life: Freedom, Habitus, and the Blues.”

This colloquium aims to explore how music permeates boundaries. Possible paper subjects might explore: in what ways are concepts of boundaries useful in the signification of music and culture? How have boundaries been formed and to what extent can they influence the structural and cultural organization of musical sound? And, to what capacity can music be used to deconstruct and dissolve boundaries?

Proposals should be written in English. Interdisciplinary topics are encouraged. Examples of possible topic fields include, but are not limited to:

• Music and politics such as protest music or collective musical activism

• Issues of globalization, transnationalism, and diaspora

• Expressions of identity through musical aesthetics or syntax

• Gender and sexuality

• Technological transformations

• Relationships between music and other forms of media

• Genre and hybridizations

Those wishing to present a 20-minute academic paper (with 10 minute discussion period to follow) should submit a title and 250 word abstract in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format no later than February 24, 2014. Please include the following in the body of the email rather than the abstract, to allow for anonymous review: your name, institutional affiliation, technical requirements, and contact information.

Proposals will be reviewed by the MCGSS Selection Committee and results will be announced no later than February 28, 2014.

Please direct submissions or questions to: mcgss.carleton at

Week-end découverte des instrtuments pour les 6-9 ans à Paris 11e

L'école de musique Polynotes, propose un week-end de découverte d'instruments, samedi 29 mars 2014 de 16h à 18h et dimanche 30 mars 2014 10h à 12h30. Le temps d'un mini stage, les enfants de 6 à 9 ans essaient vraiment 5 instruments différents. Ils sont accueillis à Polynotes par l'équipe de professeurs et prennent un cours de chaque instrument par groupes de trois maximum. L'école Polynotes met des instruments à la disposition des enfants pendant les cours. Les jeunes musiciens sont ainsi plus à même de choisir l'instrument qu'ils voudront pratiquer par la suite. Pour tous renseignements et inscriptions : 01 43 79 88 75 ou Les cours auront lieu à l'école qui est située au 83 rue Léon Frot 75011 Paris.

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