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lundi 17 juin 2013


17 juin 2013Electroacoustic Music in the context of interactive approaches and networks

17-21 juin 2013, Lisbonne

Call for Papers

The first interactive systems for sound synthesis control were developed at the end of the 1960s, adding new tools and possibilities to the practice(s) of electroacoustic music. Since then, real-time interactive technologies, techniques and practices have led to the emergence of new electroacoustic music approaches, within both composition and performance. Currently, technological solutions for sound interactivity are ubiquitous and inexpensive, making them easy for musicians to access. After almost half a century, changes in electroacoustic music practices justify being studied, not only from the technical and technological point of view, but also from the musicological one.

This EMS conference offers an opportunity for musicologists, composers and sound artists to discuss a number of relevant questions concerning interactivity in music. The main objective of the conference is to focus on the subject of electroacoustic music in the context of interactive approaches and networks, including the study of perspectives, not only by composers and performers, but also from listeners. We thus aim to extend musicological approaches to the question of how interactive networks of electroacoustic music might facilitate the intersection between music and other art forms.

This conference aims to promote and discuss ideas and tendencies characteristic of current practices. Technological developments mean that ways of composing, performing and listening are undergoing significant changes in a short space of time. Sharing information in musicological, analytical, psycho-acoustical and other related areas is an important and timely task. It is our hope that the theme of the conference will stimulate debate amongst the electroacoustic music community.

Musicological studies on interactive electroacoustic music still lack consistent research and systematization. In this sense, we are seeking more specifically for papers that intend to generate more general debate concerning music and interactivity. We are specifically, but not exclusively, looking for papers addressing the following topics:

- Which musicological points of view can be brought to bear on recent aesthetic and technical transformations?

- From the musicological point of view, in what measure do interactive approaches to electroacoustic music become a new artistic challenge for performers and composers? And what is ‘live' electronic music?

- From the point of view of the musicologist, how can we explain the new relationship between compositional practices and techniques developed according to interactive network systems possibilities?

- Even though only 50 years have passed since the development of the first interactive systems, a vast repertory already exists, how can we organize and integrate this repertory in the context of recent music history?

- How can interactive real-time performance/composition strategies be analysed? And which analytical approaches should be applied to interactive electroacoustic music?

- How important are interface-related questions in the process of composing within interactive approaches?

It is our wish that this conference will encourage the growth of musicological studies dealing with the theme Electroacoustic Music in the Context of Interactive Approaches and Networks – not only for musicologists but for all electroacoustic music communities, including composers and performers.

Papers should address specific topics in the call. While some references to works by the presenting author(s) may be cited, proposals focused on the presenting author's/authors' own work will not be accepted.

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17 juin 2013Braderie de livres, partitions, 33 tours, cédés à l'association Dimitri Chostakovitch les 21-23 juin


association chostakovitch


Association internationale Dimitri Chostakovitch organise une braderi de livres, partitions, 33 tours, cédés, pour financer entre autres un prochain concert public parisien (automne 2013), dédié à Galina Vichnievskaia.

Vendredi 21 juin 2013 de 17h à 22h

Samedi 22 juin 2013 de 11h à 20h

Dimanche 23 juin 2013 de 11h à 17h

Association internationale Dimitri Chostakovitch, 19bis, rue des Saints Pères - 75006 Paris, fond de cour RDC à gauche


17 juin 2013Appel à la solidarité avec les musiciens de la ERT d'Angela Gheorghiu


Angela Gheorghiu


To all my dearest friends and colleagues from all over the world, opera singers, instrumentalists, directors, conductors and mamagerial staff, we must try to help our Greek colleagues, the Music Ensembles of ERT. A great idea would be to organize a big concert in order to support these great people. If this happens, I would gladly be part of it, with the help of my management.

We are all artists, a big family. Thank you and God bless you all ! Angela Gheorghiu


À tous mes chers amis et collègues du monde entier, chanteurs d'opéra, instrumentistes, metteurs en scène, chefs d'orchestre et personnel administratif, nous devons essayer d'aider nos collègues grecs, les
ensembles de musique de la ERT. Une bonne idée serait d'organiser un grand concert afin de soutenir ces gens formidables. Si cela arrive, je serais heureux de faire partie de celui-ci, avec l'aide de mon équipe.

Nous sommes tous des artistes, une grande famille. Merci et que Dieu vous bénisse tous !

Angela Gheorghiu


Source Mario Frangoulis


17 juin 2013Revue de presse musicale du 17 juin 2013


(BFM télé) Opéra: des enfants assistent à «La flûte enchantée»

(La Croix) À Istanbul, un pianiste jouait pour les manifestants… et les policiers

(AFP/Le Point) Depeche Mode ravit ses fans au Stade de France

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