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Marlow Isaac

v. 1645-v. 1710



Écrits reltaifs à la musique

A brief discourse concerning singing in the public worship of God in the Gospel-church. By I. MA clear confutation of Mr Richard Allen, and his five commendators [...] to the overthrow of their conjoined singing in artificial tunes in Gospel-worship. To which is added an answer to Mr. Wlilliam Collin's defenceThe controversie of singing brought to an end. Or, a treatise in three parts, The first is a tract on singing. The second hath some remarks on Mr Richard Allen's book, called an essay [...] with answers to them. And the third containeth several queries presented to divers edlers an ministers, with other matters, to the baptized churches about London. By Isaac Marlow

London, for the author 1690 (2 exemplaires conservés : GB : Oxford, Bodleian Library)

A clear confutation of Mr Richard Allen. London 1696 (1 exemplaire conservé : GB : Oxford, Bodleian Library)

The controversie of singing brought to an end. London, the author 1696 (4 exemplaires conservés : GB : Glasgow, Euing Musical library - Oxford, Bodleian Library - US : General Collections, Library of Con-gress, Washington D.C- )

Autre ouvrages

An account of the unjust proceedings, in some matters of difference, between Mr. Williams Collins and Isaac Marlow, London vers 1697 (signé à la ifn Isaac Marlow)

Some short observations made on a book newly published by Mr. Benjamin Keach, 1691

A treatise of the Holy Trinunity, 1690

Plus d'ouvrages

Voir: Allen R. (v. 1651-v. 1716)

Jean-Marc Warszawski
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