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 Clapham Jonathan

v. 1611-v. 1676



Écrits relatifs à la musique

A short full vindication of that sweet and comfortable ordinance of singing of Psalmes. Together with some profitable rules, to direct weak Christians how tosing to edification. and a briefe confutation of some of the most usual cavils made against the same. Published especially for the use of the Christians, in and about the town of Wramplingham in Nors, for the satisfaction of such [...] by Jo. Clapham.  London 1656 (3 exemplaires conservés

    Localisations : GB : Glasgow, Euing Musical library - London, British Museum - US : Washington, D.C., Folger Shakespeare Libra-ry

Autres écrits

C. J. Rector of W. N., Obedience to Magistrates Recommended, in a discourse [...] preached September the ninth, 1683 [...] by J. C. Rector of W. N [Clapham Jonathan, rector of Wramplingham, Norfolk], London, E. Giles 1683

A Full Discovery and Confutation of the wicked and damnable Doctrines of the Quakers. As also, a plain vindication [...] of sundry fundamental points of the Christian religion [...] Whereunto is annexed an excellent discourse proving that singing of psalmes is [...] lawful, etc. London, T. R. & E. M. for Adoniram Byfield 1656 [80 p.,4°]

The Stone smiting the Image on the Feet. Opened in a sermon, preached on a late daie of thanks-giving. Upon Daniel 2. 20, 21. London, William Du-Gard; sold by Stephen Boutel 1651 [33 p., 4°]


ATKINSON CHRISTOPHER, of the Society of Friends, and WHITEHEAD GEORGE, David's Enemies discovered. Who of him make songs, but without the spirit and without understanding [...] Or, a true discovery of that custome and forme which the priests of this generation would make an ordinance of [...] as this priest Clapham: in his 6 Arguments, which is here answered [...] Also a brief reply unto Frederick Woodall's three principles and resolves [...] from [...] Richard Hubberthorne

P. W. [PENN WILLIAM], A Friend to the True Religion, The Guide Mistaken, and temporizing rebuked: or, a brief reply to Jonathan Clapham's book intituled, A Guide to the True Religion [...] By W. a Friend to the True Religion. London, London 1668 [63 p., 16°]

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