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Words, Music and Silence

28 June 2024, Bournemouth
Call for Papers

A Symposium organised by the Literature and Music Research Group, The Open University, in partnership with University Music Bournemouth
Bournemouth University,

The topic ‘Words, Music and Silence’ is conceived to allow investigation of how these elements are co-dependent, particularly in musical and verbal performance, but also in the silent practices of reading, writing and imagined listening. Paper proposals are invited that investigate how these elements, in combination, engage and matter to audiences (including public audiences, readers and academic researchers).

We invite proposals for papers of 15-20 minutes in length, and also for digital 'lightning talks' of no more than seven minutes in length. Abstracts should be sent by Monday 29 April 2024 .

The full call for papers and other details may be found at the conference webpage.

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Jeudi 28 Mars, 2024