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Women and Leadership in the Creative Industries

12 - 13 September 2024
Bournemouth University

We invite contributions to an inclusive symposium exploring women and leadership in the creative industries. 

This is the first event of its kind to encourage participation from researchers across the fields of including leadership and management, cultural theory, gender studies, psychology and sociology as well as those specific to the creative industries, including film and TV studies, performing and visual arts, production studies, gaming and creative technologies.

The symposium aims to bring together academics and researchers who have an interest in the important topic of women and leadership, in the specific context of the creative industries. The creative industries have significant social, cultural and economic impact and the role and influence of leadership within it, especially that of women, is yet to be fully explored. The symposium will adopt an inclusive perspective on ‘leadership’ recognising that this is not limited to hierarchical roles in industries often characterised by freelance work and micro-businesses alongside more traditional institutions.  We are also interested in the experiences of women who do not yet identify as ‘leaders’, their routes into leadership and the barriers they may encounter along the way.

It is our hope that by sharing diverse perspectives on women and leadership in the creative industries, participants will make new discoveries, across different disciplines, form new, interdisciplinary alliances and open up this under-explored topic to a wider audience.

Keynote speakers for the symposium currently include Caroline Norbury OBE, Chief Executive of Creative UK and Dr Christina Scharff, Reader in Gender, Media and Culture at King’s College. A special issue in a relevant journal is being secured to showcase the work of contributors.

The symposium will be hosted at Bournemouth University on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 September 2024

Details of the symposium, including a full CFP, can be found on our website

Deadline for submissions has been extended to 29th February 2024

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