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Views on the Subject: Biographic Studies on 19th-Century Music

14th and 15th April 2023, Salamanca
Salamanca, Universidad de Salamanca

Study Days on the musical life in the Isabeline period are called by the SPEMI (Sociedad para el Estudio de la Música Isabelina) and the University of Salamanca in the frame of the fith Biennale of Isabeline music. This edition, which coincides with the second centenary of the birth of Martín Sánchez Allú (1823-1858), aims to reflect on the importance of biographical approaches in the study of 19th century music.

The biographical approach was considered as an auxiliary tool by Guido Adler and has been traditionally placed on the margins of Musicology (understood as a modern scientific discipline). However, biography has been a constituent part of this field of study from its inception (Forkel, Fétis) to the present day. The 19th century was particularly fertile in the production of musical biographies. Their pages modelled many of the nineteenth-century ideas regarding the relationship between the musician and the society. By emphazising the ideas of the artistic “hero” and the national hero, nineteenth-century biographical discourses have exercised a long-lasting influence and at the same time have contributed to devaluate the scientific consideration of the biographical genre.

Beyond myth making, biography is an indispensable tool to analize the relationship between the individual and the social forces around him/her, as well as to unveil how individual actions can influence historical changes. For all these reasons, a biographical turn has ocurred in the Humanities during the last decades−one that has been increasingly reflected in international musicological studies.

Aligned with the most advanced methodological reflections, these study days aim to explore the relations between biography and Musicology in the 19th century. At the same time, they are intended to assess the contributions of the biographical approach to the study of music of the isabeline period. Papers related to some of the following thematic lines are welcomed:

- Musical biography: concept and methodology; narrative strategies; “life and works”: strategies of articulation; recent theoretical developments.

- 19th century musical biographies: ideology, myths, and cultural transfers; musical biography in the Isabeline period: presences, absences, and canon; the iconography of the musical hero; the musical work as a form of autobiography; institutional biographies.

- Musical biographies about the 19th century: historigraphical analysis; survival and overcoming of traditional models; biography and concert repertoire; biographers and biographees; the “hero” in nineteenth-century Hispanic music; lives on the fringes (women, performers, popular musicians).

Submission of proposals:

The deadline for submitting proposals (title, 400 words abstract and 4-6 bibliographical references) is December 20th, 2022. The scientific committee shall anonymously evaluate the proposals received and communicate its decision by 30 January 2023.

Proposals must be submitted to

The papers will last 20 minutes and will be followed by a 10 minutes discussion. All presentations may be videorecorded for public dissemination. To promote debate, the reading of the papers will be the responsibility of the authors. The organization will not cover travel or accomodation expenses.

Keynote speaker: Prof. Anna Caballé (Universidad de Barcelona)

Coordinator: Alberto Hernández Mateos (Universidad de Salamanca)

Academic Secretary: Gorka Rubiales Zabarte (Universidad de Salamanca)

Scientific commitee: Luísa Cymbron (Universidade Nova de Lisboa-CESEM), Fernando Delgado (Real Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid), Miriam Escudero (Universidad de La Habana), José Máximo Leza (Universidad de Salamanca), Víctor Sánchez (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)


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