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South African Society For Research in Music : Seventeenth Annual Conference

25-27 August 2023, Cape
Invitation and Call for Contributions
Centre for Humanities Research, University of the Western Cape
Deadline: 14 April 2023

The South African Society for Research in Music (SASRIM) invites contributions for its 2023 conference, hosted by the Centre for Humanities Research, University of the Western Cape. We envisage a hybrid event that will allow both in-person and online presentations. This year, the conference keynote will be delivered by Alexander Weheliye, who is the Malcom S. Forbes Professor of Modern Culture and Media at Brown University. SASRIM welcomes contributions on a wide range of topics in music research, including those that explore disciplinary intersections, and the convergences and divergences between performance and/as research.

Special interest: Sound Studies

Alongside this broad scope, this year we especially invite submissions that respond to the notion of sound and music as a problem space (Scott, 2004) of relationality and knowledge production, and how this manifests at the intersections of voice, technology, and the archive. We encourage proposals for papers, panels, round tables, or alternative formats of presentation.

All proposals will be assessed individually, without privileging particular subjects or methodologies.


The society extends a special invitation to students and early career scholars to submit proposals. Thanks to generous funding from the National Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, the following additional opportunities are available:

*   A bursary of up to R6 000 open to master's and doctoral students from previously disadvantaged groups to participate in a "Preparing my conference paper" workshop that will be held at end of July in which participants will be mentored in the final preparation of their SASRIM paper and a broader set of skills pertinent to academic work

*   A maximum of R6 000 to attend the annual conference and present a paper.

Students from disadvantaged groups as well as all early career academics (up to five years post-PhD) may apply for funding of up to R6 000 to attend a "From paper to publication" workshop that will be held in September-October on turning your conference paper into a publication.

*   SASRIM also invites contributions for an in-person music production workshop that will coincide with the annual conference, where participants will have the opportunity to work with experienced music producers on their final product. Applicants to the workshop may apply for a bursary of maximum R6000.


SASRIM invites proposals in a wide range of formats. These include:

*   papers (20 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion)

*   lecture-demonstrations (45 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion)

*   panels (45 minutes presentation + 15 minutes discussion)

*   performances and/or demonstrations (20 - 45 minutes presentation + 10 minutes discussion)

*   workshops (20 - 60 minutes)

*   exhibitions, film screenings and poster presentations

*   alternative presentations (please indicate the duration of the contribution and requirements in terms of space and equipment)

All proposals must be submitted as a word document and should include:

*   an abstract with title (not exceeding 300 words)

*   biographical note (not exceeding 50 words), e-mail address and phone number of presenter(s)

*   audio-visual or display requirements

*   preference for presenting in-person or online

*   any additional requirements (instruments, equipment etc.)

*   Whether you want to be considered for the pre-conference "Preparing my paper" workshop

*   Whether you wish to be considered for the "Conference paper to publication" workshop in September-October

Proposals for panel discussions, performances, demonstrations, workshops, film screenings, exhibitions, and alternative format presentations must include:

*   a title, description of individual contributions and overarching theme[s] (450 words)

*   proposed duration in the case of workshops, film screenings and panels

*   biographical information, institutional affiliation and contact details for all participants

*   audio-visual or display requirements

*   preference for presenting in-person or online

*   any additional requirements (instruments, equipment etc.)

Applicants to the music production workshop must submit the following:

  *   a biographical note of (500 max words) describing your experience with sound production

*   A short portfolio (no more than two examples) of produced works/ tracks/ installations with accompanying descriptive/ concept notes (max 500 words) elaborating the main ideas informing the projects.

Please read through the above requirements carefully. Proposals that do not adhere to these requirements will not be considered.
Proposals must be submitted to no later than 14 April 2023. The programme committee expects to contact all applicants with a final decision by 1 May 2023.

Programme Committee: William Fourie (convenor, Rhodes University), Aidan Erasmus (University of the Western Cape), Lee Watkins (Rhodes University and ILAM), and Stephanie Vos (Stellenbosch University).

The integrity and confidentiality of this email are governed by these terms. Disclaimer.

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