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SIMM-posium #8 (Social Impact of Music Making)

20-22 novembere 2023, Brisbane, Australia

The 8th SIMM-posium will be hosted by the Creative Arts Research Institute and the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University, in a close collaboration with the international research platform SIMM (Social Impact of Music Making).

Building on the highly engaging last two SIMM-posia in Paris (Philharmonie de Paris, 2021) and London (Guildhall School, 2022), this year’s SIMM-posium will feature presentations, thematic panels, keynotes, and performances exploring the social impact of music making across a wide range of cultural contexts. Delegates are warmly encouraged to join in person in Brisbane, however online presentations will be accommodated where necessary, and the event will be livestreamed.

There is provision in the programme for up to 40 brief (10 minute) presentations of research or research-related work in progress (or critical reflections on research), which are curated into thematic panels and followed by a plenary discussion. Artistic and creative research methods are welcome alongside presentations of community-centred, empirical, theoretical or methodological inquiry.

Keynote speakers, and a participatory plenary will soon be announced

Presentations of research concerning any aspect of making music’s social impact will be welcomed, but a specific interest during this conference will concern the following topics:

Social impact of music making in Oceania

Music making in detention

Music, health, and wellbeing

Participatory music theatre and opera

The politics and ethics of musicians’ roles in society

Supporting the UN’s SDG commitments through music making

The role of higher music education in supporting and leading social change

SIMM is an international network of researchers and organisations examining the social impact of music making across a wide range of cultural contexts. Founded in 2015, it has grown to encompass a number of events, international comparative research projects, podcasts, and doctoral programs. This will be the first time a SIMM event has been held in the Oceania region.

Scientific and organising committee

The scientific committee for the 8th SIMM-posium is composed of: Brydie-Leigh Bartleet (president SIMM / Creative Arts Research Centre and Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University), Gillian Howell (University of Melbourne), Alexis Kallio (Creative Arts Research Centre and Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University), Lukas Pairon (founding director SIMM / chair holder Academic Chair Jonet & Centre on social action & music making, Ghent University, BE), John Sloboda (research professor Guildhall School of Music, London, UK) and Naomi Sunderland (Creative Arts Research Centre and School of Health Sciences and Social Work Griffith University).

Call for presentations

Expressions of interest to present at the SIMM-posium 2023 should be sent by email to Lukas Pairon by 29 April 2023 ( This should include name, institutional affiliation, current professional role(s) and a maximum 150-word statement of relevant professional experience and background (and why you wish to participate in this symposium) + the title and a maximum 250-word abstract of the paper you want to present.

Expressions of interest should be submitted as a single document containing all relevant material (preferably in Word format).

Applicants will be notified no later than 15th June 2023 whether they have been selected and will then be invited to register. The conference organisers will supply information about hotel and accommodation options to successful applicants. Delegates will be responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

From August on, you will be able to find the final programme of this year’s conference on this page.


Full in-person registration: $150 AUD

Student in-person registration: $80 AUD

Single day in-person registration: $60 AUD

Online registration: $20 AUD

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