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édition du 15 juillet 2023 —

Historical Embodiment in Musical Performance

2-4 November 2023, Bern
Hochschule der Künste Bern

The Performer’s Body as a Tool in Interpretation Research

Musical interpretation is by definition closely tied to the body of the performer. Traces of past performances, such as those left in writing (annotated parts or written instructions) as well as in sound (piano rolls or early recordings) need to be investigated in consideration of the performer’s body. Consequently, understanding the meaning of historical text and sound information requires retrospective translation processes, i.e. from annotations back into cultural practices, from instructions back into sound, from early recordings back into performance. The conference – taking place in Bern (Switzerland), 2–4 November 2023 – seeks to investigate innovative methods for the analysis of musical performance and interpretation, with a special focus on “historical embodiment” and “musical reenactment” in the developing field of “early recordings informed performance”.



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Vendredi 14 Juillet, 2023