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édition du lundi 20 février 2023 —

Annual Conference of the Austrian Society for Musicology (ÖGMW)

Nov. 16-18, 2023, Klagenfurt
Gustav Mahler Privatuniversität für Musik
Applied (Ethno-)Musicologies
(incl. Symposium Music@AlpeAdria)
Call for Papers

Questions about the applicability of arts and sciences arise again and again. Current areas of dissent arise in relation to so-called practice-led approaches, questions of employability (of musicology and music graduates), demands for more political work and third missioninvolvement, and in queries which address the traditions of musicology as a humanities discipline. The term applied musicology is not yet in common use – however, it might be understood alongside other forms of “applied” sciences, disciplines and arts, where it can usefully draw attention to a series of trends, such as public musicology, ecomusicology, etc. Actors in applied ethnomusicology, meanwhile, invoke principles of social responsibility by bringing ethnomusicological knowledge to practical use within a particular community, for the benefit of that community. All such (self-described) applied branches of musicology appear to distinguish themselves from closely related disciplines such as community music and music education; all could be seen as fields outside the ivory tower.

Despite the intra-disciplinary differentiation, however, the same central questions concerning all disciplines of musicology arise: To what extent can science directly underpin, complement or inspire music practices? How does the interplay of science with the theory and practice of musicking work, both in relation to specific music practices and to more receptive musicrelated activities?

The annual conference of the ÖGMW, which is also celebrating its 50th birthday this year, will focus on the current state of musicology and its applied and application-oriented branches in order to show their potential.

We are looking forward to contributions on the following topics (proposals):

• musicology and performance practice (e.g. production processes from manuscript to performance, interaction and intervention of science and performance practice, etc.).

• out of the ivory tower/ musicology in the public sphere: public musicology, advocacy, applied (ethno-)musicology, etc.

• research on performances: orchestras, audiences, musicians’experiences; interpretation research, immersive musicking

• music production and consumption: the influence of MIR/computer-aided audio analysis and artificial intelligence on music consumption behaviour and sound aesthetics

• perspectives of Applied Ethnomusicology: music and politics, music and social conflict, music and health, music and the integration of migrants

On Saturday, Nov 18, the music@AlpeAdria symposium will take place from 9 am to 1 pm; the network music@AlpeAdria (founded in 2021 at the GMPU by Helmut Schaumberger, music education, and Jutta Toelle, musicology, with currently about 20 participants from five countries) functions as a platform for new ideas of transnational cooperation in musicological (and music pedagogical) research in the Alps-Adriatic region, including the Western Balkans.

We are looking forward to contributions on the following topics (ideas):

- institutional history and transnational music history in the Alps-Adriatic region

- folk and popular music in the Alps-Adriatic region

- music tourism, musical spaces and places

- transnational networking in the humanities as potential of reconciliation work

- music and identity in the Alps-Adriatic region

The conference languages are German and English.

Please send title and abstract (ca 200 words) until April 11 to, with an indication of preferred format (presentation (20 min.), poster, roundtable (90 mins). Presenters will be notified until June 15.

We are working on the possibility to offer childcare (for 0-6 yr olds) for the conference days; please let us know if you are interested.



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