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The Nineteenth Century Now: Reassessing the Continued Role and Relevance of the Long Nineteenth Century

26 April 2023, Newcastle, United Kingdom
CNCS PG Conference 2023

The Centre For Nineteenth-Century Studies (CNCS) invites papers (15 minutes) for our annual interdisciplinary Postgraduate conference.

The nineteenth century was a crucial period in the development of new ideas, transnational connections and the widespread professionalisation of disciplines ranging from history to the natural sciences. The Humanities as a whole face new challenges with increasing emphasis on societal impacts from research. Yet, these challenges also present opportunities for nineteenth- century studies to reassess and reshape themselves in new ways, incorporating developments such as the rise of digital humanities and interdisciplinary research methods. The Centre for Nineteenth Century Studies (CNCS) at Northumbria, Newcastle and Durham Universities invites papers that grapple with these developments, from nineteenth-century artefacts and texts to reflections on the place of nineteenth-century studies as a discipline. Papers that address the interdisciplinary nature of nineteenth-century studies are particularly encouraged.

Papers may address, but are not limited to, the following questions:

* How does the nineteenth century define itself across disciplines in a contemporary research context? What are the challenges that emerge within and across disciplines?

* How might nineteenth-century studies respond to recent projects such as decolonisation of the curriculum? And what does it mean to study the nineteenth century now?

* How and why do legacies of the long nineteenth century remain important to current society and culture?

Paper abstracts should be no more than 300 words in length and must be mailed

Please attach a biographical note of no more than 50 words with your abstract. The final deadline for abstracts is 10th February 2023 and successful applicants will be notified by 5th March 2023.



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