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mercredi 2 novembre 2022 —

Geneva Biennial Baroque 2023

28 June -2 July 2023, Genève

The 20th Biennial International Conference on Baroque Music will be hosted by the Haute École de Musique de Genève-Neuchâtel at its Geneva campus from Wednesday 28 June 2023 to Sunday 2 July 2023 inclusive.

The conference committee invites proposals for:

- Individual papers of 20 minutes in duration (followed by questions and discussion)

- Lecture-recitals of 30 minutes in duration (followed by questions and discussion)

- Themed and round-table sessions of 90 to 120 minutes in duration, including discussion

Proposals in any area of Baroque music (c.1600–c.1750) are welcome. Given the setting in a conservatoire, those that relate to performance and performance practice would be particularly appreciated. All presentations must be given in English.

The deadline for receipt of abstracts is midnight (Central European Time) on 15 December 2022.

Individuals may submit one proposal in the form of an abstract of not more than 250 words (individual papers, lecture-recitals), or not more than 350 words (round-table sessions). For lecture-recitals please also attach the repertoire and a sample recording.

The abstract should be preceded by information under the following headings: Name, Institution (where applicable), Postal address, Phone, E-mail Address, Presentation type (paper, lecture-recital, round table), For doctoral students only: a letter of recommendation from a supervisor must be included Abstracts should be emailed to Dr Elizabeth Dobbin by attachment. Please back up the attachment with a plain-text version in the main email.

A conference website, which will centralise information relating to the events and associated activities, will be created shortly and will be available for consultation in January 2023.

Organising Committee : Elizabeth Dobbin (chair), Niels Berentsen, Rémy Campos, Maria Christina Cleary, Anne Marie Dragosits, Lisa Guigonis

Programme Committee : Rebekah Ahrendt, Carrie Churnside, Gergely Fazekas, Giulia Giovani, Massimiliano Guido, Rebecca Herissone, David Irving, Theodora Psychoyou, Robert Rawson, Christoph Riedo, Michael Robertson, Graham Sadler, Shirley Thompson, Yo Tomita, David Vickers.



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