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Royal Musical Association 58th Annual Conference

8-10 septembre 2022
Deadline: 20th December 2021

The 58th Annual Conference of the Royal Musical Association will be hosted by Durham University’s Department of Music between Thursday 8th and Saturday 10th September 2022. The conference aims to promote musical research and practice across all repertories, contexts, methodologies and approaches. We welcome proposals reflecting insights from disciplines beyond musicology, which consider music’s place in society, or which offer interdisciplinary perspectives. The Dent Medal Lecture will be given by the recipient for 2021, Professor Laura Tunbridge (Oxford University). The Peter le Huray Keynote Lecture will be given by Professor George E. Lewis (Columbia University). Despite the ongoing pandemic, we anticipate that the conference will take place in-person. We are however planning for alternative formats, either wholly or partly online, in response to changing UK Government and institutional guidelines.

Submission Details

The conference aims to represent the entire range of current musical scholarship and consequently welcomes proposals from scholars and practitioners at all career stages. Presentations are invited in the following formats:

• individual papers (20 minutes);

• themed sessions and practice-based research workshops of 3–4 papers (90 minutes);

• lecture-recitals (30 minutes);

• acoustic and electro-acoustic compositions (not exceeding 8 minutes); • poster presentations.

Proposals should be submitted through the online submission portal no later than midnight (GMT) on Monday 20th December 2021. Submissions should include the following:

• Individual papers: an abstract of up to 250 words, including an indication of equipment required.

• Lecture-recitals, etc.: an abstract of up to 250 words, including an indication of equipment required, plus a short video excerpt.

• Themed sessions and practice-based research workshops of 3–4 papers : an abstract of up to 250 words for each of the contributions to the session. In addition, a rationale of up to 250 words, which makes clear the session’s purpose, theme and the ways in which the individual contributions relate, both thematically and in terms of organisation and timing (for example, four 15-minute position papers followed by a half-hour discussion). Please include full contact details of the convenor and indicate whether an independent chair will be required and what equipment is needed.

• Compositions: submissions with a maximum duration of 8 minutes are invited. Works can be scored for

a) piano,

b) violin and piano,

c) cello and piano,

d) piano trio,

e) any of these combinations plus live electronics,

f) pure electroacoustics. Electronic parts should be stereo only.

If live rather than fixed recordings, composers will be responsible for providing any practice materials required by instrumentalists, such as an example render or practice software, and liaising on the running of live electronics for performance. Note that given the logistics of the schedule, complex live electronic setups may not be possible.

• Posters: a statement indicating the title of the project and who will be representing it at the conference, together with one or two sentences about the project, collaborators, partners and backers, as appropriate. You can submit via the online portal. If you have any problems submitting, then please contact Professor Julian Horton at

Assessment of Proposals

All proposals will be anonymised prior to assessment. The committee hopes to notify authors of its decision by 31st January 2022. Those selected will be asked to confirm their acceptance and may make revisions to their abstract and (where applicable) timings. The full programme will be announced and booking will open in April 2022. Abstracts will be published on the conference website in July. Durham’s Music Department and the RMA are firmly committed to the values of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Respective EDI statements can be found on our websites.


In order to secure speakers with varying academic and professional experience, the programme committee may solicit some proposals for themed sessions, particularly from sibling learned societies, its own study groups, and in significant fields of study it considers under-represented at recent annual conferences. Proposals for individual presentations will be selected on the basis of the proposal’s quality (clarity, sense of purpose, methodology, significance of research findings) and their capacity to fit with other selected individual proposals into a thematically coherent conference session. If a large number of proposals is received, then priority may be given to speakers who did not present at the RMA’s 2021 annual conference. All participants (save Dent and Le Huray speakers and designated conference organisers) will need to register and pay the applicable fee. Registration fees are expected to be no more than £75 for RMA members and £90 for non-RMA members, with concessions available at half-price and a discount offered for early-bird registration. You do not have to be an RMA member to propose a session or a paper, or to participate. However, you will find it well worth joining at It will entitle you to a discount on the conference registration fee, free hard-copy and online access to the Journal of the Royal Musical Association and the RMA Research Chronicle, exclusive discounts on a wide range of publishers’ books, professional news and views through RMA bulletins, and much more besides. Enquiries about exhibition space, leafleting, and advertising in the conference programme book are welcome at any time. Further details can be found at.

Programme Committee : Michelle Assay (RMA); Ellen Falconer (RMA); Katherine Hambridge (Durham University); Julian Horton (Durham University); Erin Johnson-Williams (Durham University); Lonán Ó’Briain (Nottingham University); Hector Sequera-Mora (Durham University); James Weeks (Durham University); Bennett Zon (Durham University).

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