mardi 29 juin 2021

Connectivity and Diversity in Music Cognition

11th triennial conference of the European Society of the Cognitive Sciences of Music

28-31 July, 2021, semi-virtual conference

Sheffield, UK; Baku, Azerbaijan; Bogota, Colombia; Bengaluru, India; Vilnius, Lithuania; Bydgoszcz, Poland; TBC, South Africa

This conference provides an interdisciplinary and intercultural platform for the dissemination of most recent developments in music cognition research. To offer inclusivity to researchers whilst limiting the resource implications of this international gathering, the conference is organised across multiple hubs.

The main organising hub is Sheffield, UK. Co-organising hubs include hubs in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa (see locations).

This conference uses a semi-virtual conferencing format, which combines local presentations (at each hub) with global exchange and dissemination through interconnecting the hubs using virtual meeting technology.

Special features: Symposia contain presentations from different hubs addressing a specific topic or issue; Virtual focus groups are organised to discuss current research issues and to network internationally.

Call for papers will be available from January 2020.

Submissions of contributions are encouraged from researchers working in any area of music cognition, conceived in a broad sense including

Perception, cognition, performance, creating, education, learning, and development of music.

Interdisciplinary and intercultural research perspectives are particularly encouraged, integrating approaches from the humanities and sciences

Extended papers or thematic symposia addressing the conference theme of connectivity and diversity in music cognition

For further information, see the main conference website or contact the conference chair Dr Renee Timmers at r.timmers[at]


Until Jan 2020 Call for conference hubs (e.g. a hub in South or Central Europe)

Until Nov 2020 Call for papers

March 2021 Review outcomes

May 2021 Early bird registration deadline and preliminary programme

June 2021 Final conference programme

28-31 July 2021 ESCOM11 (28th evening, 29-31 full days)


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Mardi 29 Juin, 2021