jeudi 14 juillet 2021

Balkan Art Forum 2021 (BARTF 2021)

Niš, 8 – 9th October, 2021.
IX National Scientific Conference with International participation

The Faculty of Arts of the University of Niš, in cooperation with Branch of SASA (Serbian Arts and Science Academy) in Niš, organizes the nineth National scientific conference with the international participation, targeting the key topic Art and Culture Today: Harmony and Disharmony. The organizers invite all the people willing to play an active role in the Forum by presenting a paper. 

Topic framework

– Harmony and disharmony in the physical, mental, social, and spiritual life

– Harmony and disharmony: cosmos and chaos/accord and discord/balance and imbalance

– Harmony and disharmony: traditional and modern art / modern and postmodern art

– The place of harmony and disharmony in educational and cultural processes and changes

– Disharmony as an aesthetic principle / source of creativity/norm of originality

– Harmony in the context of inventiveness – an obstacle or an incentive

– Natural imperfection as a potential of artwork

– Regressive feature of harmony

– Idealisation of nature – harmony in disharmony

– The aesthetics of Theodore Adorno’s music: disharmony, dissonance, atonality, ugliness

– Postmodernist re-traditionalization of art: reinstitution of the principle of harmony or suppression of critical and emancipatory potential

– Disharmony and subversion; harmony and conformism

Fields of submitting a paper

Forum participation forms

Presentation time: 15 minutes

Official forum languages: Serbian, English, Slavic languages. 

Deadline for submission of paper topic with abstract : (in official language and in English, up to 150 words and up to 5 key words):  

Тhe deadline for submission has been extended to 15 July 2021.

at the e-mail address: 

It is obligatory to specify in the Application form the field and the topic framework for which you are applying. 

Deadline for notification of abstract approval: 20. 6. 2021.

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