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7th Biennial International Conference on Analytical Approaches to World Musics ; 10th International Workshop on Folk Music Analysis

June 14–17, 2022, Sheffield
University of Sheffield, UK

The year 2022 marks the seventh installment of the AAWM International Biennial Conference series and the 10th installment of the International Workshop for Folk Music Analysis. Exploration of the rich musical heritage of the world continues to receive increasing attention from a broad array of theoretical, cultural, historical, psychological, empirical, informatics, and analytical perspectives. Analytical Approaches to World Music and the International Workshop for Folk Music Analysis 2022 bring together scholars to explore the panoply of global musical traditions, both past and present, that lie outside the purview of European Art Music in order to foster interdisciplinary and cross-cultural dialogue and promote new approaches and methods.

The meeting will include three special panel sessions:

Analyzing Music and Dance

Representing Musical Sound in Expanded Contexts

Vocal and Instrumental Music as Hunting and Herding Practices

The meeting will also feature three keynote lectures including Brenda M. Romero, Xavier Serra, and another speaker to be determined.

AAWM 2022 welcomes submissions that examine the world’s musical traditions from any analytical or theoretical angle, including (but not limited to) ethnographic, historical, formal, computational, and cognitive perspectives. Submission formats include papers, posters, special sessions, lecture-recitals, and workshops. Due to the uncertain future regarding travel restrictions, AAWM 2022 will be held as a hybrid event with the option for remote participation.

Graduate students and scholars within five years of receiving the PhD will be considered for the Rob Schultz Junior Scholar Award, established in 2016 to honor the memory of the co-founder of the Analytical Approaches to World Music journal and conference series. The best paper presented by a junior scholar will be published in the journal, and the author will also receive a modest cash award.

Please see below for information on conference organization and submission guidelines for AAWM 2022. Conference website:

Program Committee Co-Chairs : Yannick Wey (Lucerne School of Music, Switzerland), Jennie Tiderman-Österberg (Örebro University, Sweden).

Organizing Committee (AAWM), Brenda M. Romero (University of Colorado, USA - Emerita), Lawrence Shuster (Cornell University, USA), Organizing and Program Committee (FMA), Islah Ali-MacLachlan (Birmingham City University, UK), André Holzapfel (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden).

Local Arrangements Committee : Andrew Killick (University of Sheffield, UK), Xinyi Liang (University of Sheffield, UK).

Submission Guidelines

Papers: Proposals for spoken papers should include a short abstract of no more than 350 words, including footnotes but not counting examples and bibliography. Supporting media files can also be submitted. Accepted papers will be allotted 30 minutes for presentation plus 15 minutes for discussion.

Posters: Poster proposals should follow the same format as spoken paper proposals. Authors may submit a given proposal as a paper, a poster, or both. The program committee will make a final recommendation on the presentation format, taking the author’s request into consideration. Abstracts and full proposals of the accepted papers and posters will be published online.

Panel Sessions: Authors of papers that share a common theme may propose to deliver them in a panel session. Each paper should be submitted separately and will be reviewed following the same process as that for spoken papers. In addition, a separate submission should be entered for the panel session as a whole, including a 350-word abstract.

Workshops / Lecture Recitals / Alternative Formats: Proposals for workshops or other alternative formats should also be submitted as a 350-word abstract. They should give as many details as possible about the precise format they will employ, how many participants can attend, and the size and type of space they will require. We welcome presentations that involve music performance, if they include a substantial analytical or theoretical component consistent with the call for papers.

Submission process: All proposals should be submitted electronically

Submission deadline: November 15, 2021

Submissions should consist of a title, abstract (350 words), and a list of 3-5 keywords. There is also an opti

on to include supporting materials. Notification of acceptance will be sent via email by January 15, 2022. Contributors who present a paper remotely will have to submit a video of the full presentation before the conference.

Additional Information

For additional information regarding the conference, including venue, transportation, and accommodations, please check the conference website.

Updated information will be posted there as soon as it becomes available. Please direct any questions hier

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