dimanche 21 février 2021

1st Annual Midlands Music Research Network Conference, funded by Midlands4Cities

April 19th-20th, 2021, hosted via Zoom

The inaugural MMRN Conference will hold a broad focus on the subject of Music and Adversity amid the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic. Among the many challenges we have faced during this time, the question of the role of music in society has once again emerged. These questions are not new, as music has constantly faced adversity of many forms. Proposals are welcomed, but not limited to, themes such as the relationship between music and:

Whilst we welcome submissions that discuss the impact of the pandemic on particular research projects, we would also like to hear of work that offers broader perspectives on more general music research.

The call is now open for individual papers, thematic panels of 3 or 4 presenters, papers with performance and posters.

Individual Papers: 20 minutes. Proposals of 250 words should be submitted, along with 3 – 5 key words and a 150-word bio.

Panel Proposals: 90 minutes, including final discussion. Submissions should include a 300-word rationale for the panel with 3 -5 keywords, alongside 250 words descriptions of the individual papers and a 150 words bio of each presenter.

Papers with Performance: 30 minutes. Proposals of 250 words should be submitted, along with a brief paragraph concerning the technical aspects of the realisation, 3 – 5 key words and a 150-word bio. Due to the complexities of hosting a performance via Zoom, we will ask that all performances be pre-recorded and submitted by April 10th. Please get in touch via email to discuss the particularities of your proposed paper.

Posters: We welcome proposals for traditional posters, PowerPoint presentations with video/audio recordings, audio recording or other forms of creative presentation that can suit a virtual display in the format of ePoster. (Examples). Proposals of 250 words should be submitted, along with a brief paragraph concerning the technical aspects of the realisation (up to 100 words), 3 – 5 key words and a 150- word bio.

Send all proposals in Word document form to by Friday 14th February 2021. All submissions will be subject to blind review.

Membership: Our first conference aims to create an initial space to let researchers interact, share their works and create connections. We want to pursue our mission besides this event, asking participants to become members of our network. Let us know, if you want to be a member in the accompany email of your proposal or alternatively fill in the form on our website.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Organising committee:

Kristen Horner (Communications Co-ordinator)

Daniel Johnson (Conference manager)

Giulia Lorenzi (Events manager)

Caroline Ridler (Media Co-ordinator)

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Samedi 20 Février, 2021