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Women and Music in the Early Modern Age

July 2nd - 4th, 2021, Queluz
Queluz National Palace (Portugal)
International Conference
Organization : Divino Sospiro – Centro de Estudos Musicais Setecentistas de Portugal
Website :

The 9th international conference at the Queluz National Palace organized by DS-CEMSP aims to investigate the role of women in the musical and theatrical worlds of the early modern age, with special reference to the 17th and 18th centuries. The conference promotes research into the careers of women as impresarios, singers, actresses, composers, no matter how resounding their activity was in their heydays. Emphasis is also placed on their travels, contacts, and repertoires, and on the strategies adopted by female patronage in order to support the organization (and the memory) of theatrical and musical events throughout the continent.

Female performers: singers, instrumentalists, dancers and impresarios. Their roles and repertoires.

Female composers, librettists and choreographers.

The feminine in music: women as subjects in the musical literature.
Women as music and theatre patrons. Political uses of female musical patronage.

The importance of music in the education of aristocratic and royal women.

The female public.

Women as music collectors.

Women and music sociabilities.

Scholars are invited to submit individual proposals. Papers shall not exceed 20 minutes. Session proposals will be accepted as well: a maximum of three or four papers will be taken into consideration, and the session should not exceed 1h30.

A selection of the presented papers will be published in our book series Cadernos de Queluz by Hollitzer Verlag (Vienna).

Official languages of the conference are Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish, and French.

Abstracts in Word format (.doc), should not exceed 300 words. Please enclose in the same file a brief curriculum vitae of 150 words max., providing your name and surname, postal address, e-mail and telephone number, as well as your institutional affiliation. Please indicate to which topic your proposal belongs.

Deadline for sending abstracts is March 1st, 2021
E-mail: cemsp -at-

The scientific board will examine all the abstracts by March 15th, 2021 and contributors will be informed immediately thereafter.

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