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Universum rei harmonicae concentum absolvunt : the Harpsichord in the 16th Century


April 20–22, 2021, Wien
International Conference
Call for Papers

Plucked keyboard instruments and their repertoire between 1500 and 1600 have in recent times attracted increased interest by scholars and performers alike. However, much of the performance and research activities have been limited to specific repertoires and to individual performers/researchers and isolated groups in various countries. A more comprehensive perspective remains yet to be established. This conference aims to bring together interested scholars, performers and instrument makers/restorers to further the exploration of the repertoire and its appropriate instruments. The three days will include papers (30 minutes), lecture recitals (45 minutes), and workshops. The conference languages will be German and English. We particularly encourage proposals on style, repertoire, and performance practice, as well as organology and (the history of) instrument building, the dissemination, musical function, and cultural significance of plucked keyboard instruments.

Please submit proposals and direct questions to Augusta Campagne (Department of Early Music) campagne -at- or Markus Grassl (Department of Musicology and Performance Studies) grassl -at- before 30.09.2020. For papers, submit an abstract of no more than 300 words as a Word Document in an attachment. For lecture recitals, additionally submit the program information and a representative recording as an attached file or link. All proposals should include a short biographical statement of max. 100 words including institutional affiliation and email address. Notification of acceptance will be made by 31.10.2020. Performers and builders are welcome to bring their own instruments.

University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna
Department of Early Music
Department of Musicology and Performance Studies
Anton Webern-Platz 1
A-1030 Vienna


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Vendredi 11 Septembre, 2020