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Language-Music-Gesture: Informational Crossroads

April, 19-21, 2021, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The aim of the conference is to create an interdisciplinary platform for a fruitful discussion of the problems of language, music and gesture interaction in the modern information world.

Among the topics to be discussed at the conference are the following:

1. The structure of linguistic and musical knowledge, their functioning and formation; implicit and explicit components in their acquisition; common and different features in music and language perception and understanding.

2. Non-verbal means of communication; prosodic characteristics of speech, their perception; gesture, body language and their interaction with verbal communication and music.

3. Questions of language and musical mastering; the interaction between language and music in the process of their acquisition; interaction between cognitive systems responsible for the perception of musical and linguistic text.

4. Musical informatics, computer and electro-acoustic music; development of electronic musical instruments and principles of performance; neural networks in music and language.

5. Automatic processing of language and music data; quantitative studies of musical and linguistic text.

Languages of the conference: Russian & English (some sessions will be simultaneously translated)

Abstracts from different fields are warmly invited. Presentations will last 20 minutes, followed by a ten minute discussion. Abstracts should be submitted before October 31, 2020.

Notification of acceptance follows on December 10, 2020. Abstracts should be no more than 2 pages long (without any subheadings) and clearly present a research question/aim, critical review of the literature, methodology, results and conclusions. Abstracts should be submitted as a pdf. If you wish to include any specific symbols (such as phonetic transcription), please submit your paper both in DOC and PDF format. We have the intention to select papers for a peer-reviewed special issue.

Important dates:
Submission deadline: October 31, 2020
Notification of acceptance: December 10, 2020
Deadline for camera-ready papers: January 15, 2021
Registration starts: January 15, 2021
Early-bird registration ends: March 15, 2021


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