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Art Readings 2021: Personalia

13–15 April 2021, Sofia
International conference
New ArT ModulE
Institute of Art Studies,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia
Sofia, 21 Krakra Str., Institute of Art Studies

The theme of Art Readings 2021, New Art module Annual International Conference organised by the Institute of Art Studies, BAS, will be Personalia.

The conference offers an opportunity to explore a wide range of topics relating to the significance of personality and personality’s ideological and conceptual, creative and social role in art, literature, culture and the sciences of spirit. In this context, tracing the lives and creative activities of key figures in different arts is but one of many viewpoints on the proposed theme.

The organisers seek to attract experts in art history, history and theory of architecture, musicology, theatre studies, film studies, culturology and the humanities, who would present papers on various aspects of the proposed theme such as:

Scholars working on similar themes in areas other than art history are also eligible to apply. Young researchers, postdocs and doctoral students shall not be less than 10% of the participants. The working languages of the conference shall be English and Bulgarian; the conference proceedings will be published as a book, including also papers in French and German. The organisers will apply for funding in 2020. Accommodation will be provided for the authors of accepted papers.

Abstracts of 300 to 500 words in English, together with an accompanying short CV, should be submitted to:

for fine arts:

for music:

for theatre:

for cinema:


Professional CV form is available to download at:

International Organising Committee (in alphabetical order) : Adrian-Silvan Ionescu, Romanian Academy of Sciences, Romania ; Elvira Popova, Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, Monterrey, Mexico; Fani Vavili-Tsinika, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece; Ingeborg Bratoeva, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, Sofia; Kamelia Nikolova, National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts&; Institute of Art Studies, BAS, Sofia; Marina Frolova-Walker, University of Cambridge, UK; Milena Bozhikova, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, Sofia ; Milena Georgieva, Institute of Art Studies, BAS, Sofia; Yana Hashamova, Ohio State University, USA

10 September 2020: Deadline for submission of proposals and CVs;

15 October 2020: Notification of applicants on the outcome of their proposals;

1 March 2021: Final deadline for the conference programme.


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