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Zoltán Kodály Symposium

April 17-18, 2020, Lubbock
Lubbock, Texas USA

The Texas Tech University School of Music Composer Celebration Series is proud to announce a symposium honoring the life, scholarship, and music of Zoltán Kodály. We invite traditional papers and alternative format presentations on Kodály and his contributions, as well as other elements of Hungarian culture including folklore, dance, art, history, and nationalism. The symposium’s centerpiece will be the world premiere of Imre Palló’s new English translation of Kodály’s monumental folk opera, Háry János.

The Program Committee welcomes proposals for twenty-minute presentations and special sessions such as lecture-recitals, workshops, or other formats. Although we invite proposals on all aspects of Zoltán Kodály’s legacy, the committee particularly encourages papers related to the following topics:

• Kodály the composer, including analysis of his compositions

• Kodály the pedagogue

• Kodály the ethnomusicologist

• Kodály and Bartòk

• Hungarian folk music, dance, and art

• Hungarian folklore

• Hungarian nationalism and the History of Modern Hungary

• Háry János librettists Béla Paulini and Zsolt Harsányi

• János Garay, author of The Veteran (Az obsitos), on which Háry János is based

Submissions should include an abstract of 300 or fewer words, suitable for printing in a program book, and an optional page of additional materials (examples, bibliography, etc.). Proposals should be submitted as an anonymous PDF, with a cover letter listing the presenter’s name, institution, format of presentation, and equipment needed. In the cover letter, proposals for special sessions, workshops, and lecture-recitals should indicate the nature of the session, the format, any special needs, and the desired amount of time. Please submit all proposals by December 15, 2019 to david.forrest -at- Questions about the proposal process can also be sent to david.forrest -at-

Symposium Planning Committee

• Susan Brumfield, Music Education

• Gerald Dolter, Opera Theatre

• David Forrest, Music Theory

• Philip Mann, Orchestral Studies

• Tatiana Mann, Keyboard Studies

Academic Papers Program Committee

• Alan Barenberg, History

• Erin Collopy, Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures

David Forrest, Music Theory (committee chair)

• Virginia Whealton, Musicology

• Blair Williams, Music Education 



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