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Queerness, Voice, Embodiment : 2nd Symposium of the LGBTQ+ Music Study Group

20th-21st April 2018, Maynooth
Maynooth University (near Dublin)
Call for Papers
Deadline: December 11, 2017
Keynote: Melanie Marshall (University College Cork)

Elizabeth Woods’s essay ‘Sapphonics’ (1994) set in motion new discourses on the voice in music studies. With an example of the unique expressive qualities of lesbian difference and desire, Sapphonics questions the universally assumed traits of physical vocal mechanisms to emphasise the particular embodied circumstances of production and performance. Grappling with similar questions of difference and agency, Gayatri Spivak’s ‘Can the Subaltern Speak?’ (1988) articulated the predicament of Subaltern voices addressing issues of (post)coloniality and patriarchy. Neither essay delimits the possibilities of what voicing entails, rather both cut across disciplinary boundaries in search of voices that intersect various dimensions of identity, including gender, sexuality, race, class, caste, to name a few.

This Symposium revisits questions of voice to open dialogue in music studies on the many in/visible mechanisms affecting the voices of the marginalised in music disciplines. What are queer voices? Who speaks for and of whom? How do voices inscribe or limit agency of LGBTQ+ subjects? As LGBTQ+ politics become more mainstream, what other voices are left unheard? We welcome proposals for individual 20-minute presentations, shorter provocations, organised 60-minute panels and roundtable discussions that draw on and expand on music and the following themes:

For the complete CfP and details about how to submit, visit our website.

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