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Nicola Porpora and Frederick, Prince of Wales : italian Ways in Music, Art and Poetry in 18th-century Britain

13-15 octobre 2017, Amsterdam

Deadline: May 15, 2017. The CFP is open to: musicologists and historians of art, fashion, literature, and social sciences.

Conference board : Stefano Aresi (Stile Galante), Nicholas Baragwanath (University of Nottingham) Talya Berger (Stanford University), Rosa Cafiero (Università Cattolica di Milano) Claudio Toscani (Università degli Studi di Milano)

The conference is held in partneship with Università degli Studi di Milano Dipartimento di Beni Culturali e Ambientali ; University of Nottingham, Department of Music ; Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano, Dipartimento di Storia, Archeologia e Storia dell'arte

Nicola Porpora was one of the most important Italian com- posers of vocal music in the first half of the 18th century and a leading figure in the advancement of the Neapolitan “new style”, a musical and poetic/dramaturgical taste that captiva- ted European audiences following the Venetian opera seasons of 1725/6. Modern musicologists and musicians would tend to agree with the pioneering study by Frank Walker (1951), which called Porpora “the greatest teacher of singing among composers, and the greatest composer among teachers of sin- ging.” Since the 1970s, however, Porpora's works have recei- ved only scant attention from scholars. Much remains to be discovered in regard to his real artistic and historical importance.

Th s international conference aims to re-think and provide fresh insights into Porpora's experience in London (1734- 1737), in connection with the general Italian-oriented cul- tural climate favoured by princely and aristocratic patrons.

To this end, submitted papers and sessions should focus not only on music production and experience (especially in the fi of Italian solo chamber cantatas) in their historical contexts, but also on the activities of painters, sculptors, fashion designers and poets connected in some way to Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales (1 February 1707 – 31 March 1751) and his entourage.

In that social and cultural context, the print of the twelve Nuo- vamente composte opre di musica vocale (London 1735) be- came particularly signifi ant and full of symbolic value. This collection of solo Italian chamber cantatas for voice (soprano, alto) and continuo was based on unpublished lyrics by Pietro Metastasio and received widespread acclaim as a masterpiece of the Italian and Arcadian taste in poetry, music, and aesthe- tic ideals, not only in England but throughout Europe.

The three-day international conference will be held in Am- sterdam, on October 13-15, 2017. During the conference, a masterclass on cantata repertoire performance and study will be held in the mornings and will be open to conservatory and university students. A guided tour of the ancient musical in- strument collection at the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum and an offi l dinner for conference attendees will complete the pro- gram, together with a workshop on the relationship between chamber cantatas and the recording production market.

Proposals for individual papers (20 minutes + 10 minutes di- scussion) are invited on the following, and other, related topics:

• Th Nuovamente composte opre di musica vocale: their text, history, context, performance practice;

• Frederick Louis, Prince of Wales as patron of Italian arts (in fi urative arts, music, fashion and poetry);

• Porpora and the Italian chamber cantata: performance practice, formal and compositional characteristics;

• Iconography (1720-1760) of vocal chamber music (in Great Britain) and of the performance of Italian chamber cantatas (in Europe);

• Cantata texts by Metastasio, Rolli and other Italian poets in Great Britain (with special attention to reception and early translations);

• Italian taste in painting, architecture, sculpture, jewel- lery and fashion in London during the lifetime of Frede- rick Louis, Prince of Wales.
Please submit a 250-word abstract as an email attachment (pdf ) to and include the following information: name, email address and AV requirements.

Deadline for the receipt of abstract: May 15, 2017. Notifi ation of acceptance will be sent by June 1, 2017. Offi ial languages of the conference: English, Dutch.

Conference Charges: The registration charges is 100 euros for 3 days (or 50 per single day), and includes full conference attendance, delegate pack, lunches, afternoon refreshments, gui- ded tour. The offi al dinner of the14th night is escluded and has to be booked in advance. Stile Galante will provide you a com- plete list of facilities for travel, accommodations, etc.

Masterclass Charges: The cost of the masterclass is 200 euros, and includes masterclass (individual and group lessons), conference attendance, lunches, morning and afternoon refre- shments, guided tour. The offi al dinner of the14th night is escluded and has to be booked in advance. Stile Galante offers 4 grants for students, consisting of free tuition for the masterclass and free access to the congress and events. The grants are inten- ded to help 2 voice (soprano or alto), one harpsichord and one musicology students. For info:
56 rue de la Fédération
F - 93100 Montreuil
06 06 61 73 41

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