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White John

v. 1625-1671


Écrits relatifs à la musique

The art of ringing: giving exact rules for ringing all sorts of plain changes and cross peals. Also artifi-cial fireworks; being directions to order and make moulds, rowlers, rammers, coffins and other curio-sities. Likewise the art of gardening. To wich is added, an excellent receipt to make a valuable liquor

  • London, G. Conyers 1680 (3 exemplaires conservés)
    • GB : Cambridge, University Library - London, British Museum - US : Chicago, Ill. Newberry library

Autres ouvrages

Art's treasury of rareties and curious inventions: in two parts, Part I containing the mystery of dying cloths, silks, stuffs ... tanning leather, &c. : Part II containing the quality, generation,… 1694

Art's treasury: of rarities: and curious inventions. In two parts. ... With divers other curiosities, 1773

Art's treasury of Rarities: and curious inventions: In two parts. Part I. Containing the mystery of dying cloth, silk, stuffs, hair, feathers, bone, horn-work, leather, &c. and to prepare and use… 1761

Hocus pocus: or, a rich cabinet of legerdemain curiosities, natural and artificial conclusions. ... By J. White, 1715

A rich cabinet of modern curiosities: Containing, 1. Many natural and artificial conclusions. ... With a multitude of other curiosities, the whole adorned with above forty curious cuts. By John White, 1704

A rich cabinet, with variety of inventions, unlock'd and open'd, for the recreation of ingenious spirits: Being receits and conceits of several natures, and fit for those who are lovers of natural… 1689
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