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 Holder William

1616-1697 (1798)



Né à Southwell, Notts., en 1616 — mort à Hertford, le 24 Jan 1697 ou 1698.

Compositeur, élève du Pembroke College d'Oxford. En 1663, il est élu membre de la Royal Society. En 1672, il est chanoine de la cathédrale Saint-Paul de Londres. En 1674, il est Sub-dean de la chapelle royale. Quelques unes de ses compositions sont conservées sous forme manuscrite.

Voir : Keller Gottfried (vers 1639-1704) ; Mercator (1620-1687)

Écrits sur la musique

The elements of speech

  • Londres, J. Martyn 1669


A Treatise of the natural grounds and principles of harmony. By William Holder

  • London, J. Heptinstall for John Carr 1694  ; London, J. Heptinstall for Philipp Monckton 1701 [ A treatise of the natural grounds, and principles of harmony. By William Holder [...] To which is added, by way of ap-pendix: Rules for playing a thorow-bass; with variety of proper lessons, fuges, and examples [...] Also directions for tuning an harpsichord or spinnet. By Godfrey Keller [...] The whole being revis'd, and corrected from many gross mistakes committed in the first publication of these rules ] ( 91 exemplaires conservé) :  

Autres écrits

A discourse concerning time, with application of the natural day and lunar month and solar year as natural; and of such as are derived from them, as artificial parts of time, for measures in civil and common use. For the better understanding of the Julian year and calendar. The first column also in our church-calendar explained, with other incidental remarks. London, Printed by J. Heptinstall for L. Meredith 1694

Éditions modernes

  • Elements of speech [with an appendix concerning persons deaf and dumb]. 1669. Scolar, Leeds 1967
  • Elements of speech, and Discourse concerning time. New York, AMS Press 1975 [with a new introduction, R. W. Rieber & Jeffrey L. Wollock]


  • STANLEY JEROME, William Holderr : His Position in Seventeenth-Century Philosophy and Music Theory (thèse). University of Cincinnati 1983 [dir., Ph. Crabtree & J. Kramer]

Localisation des livres imprimés anciens

A treatise of the natural grounds

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Jean-Marc Warszawski
Novembre 1995-3 avril 2008
56 rue de la Fédération
93100 Montreuil
06 06 61 73 41

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