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Gender, Music, and the Cold War 


Oct 31-Nov 3, 2019, Boston
Cold War and Music Study Group Alternative Format Evening Panel — AMS Boston, November 2019
Deadline for Submissions: April 30, 2019

The Cold War Music Study Group of the AMS will be holding an alternative format evening panel exploring “Gender, Music, and the Cold War” at this year’s national AMS conference in Boston. The relationship between gender and Cold War politics has been an engaging area of recent research in related disciplines and an area the CWMSG has not directly addressed before. We invite interested participants to propose a short “anchor document” (for example: a film clip, musical excerpt, archival materials, oral history, field recording, novel, artwork, or another suggestion) related to the topic of this year’s session. 

Prospective participants should e-mail the CWMSG chair, Martha Sprigge (msprigge -at-, with a 250–300 word proposal stating their proposed anchor document, an overview of the larger context from which this material is drawn, and how the perspective it lends towards thinking about the study of gender, music and the Cold War. We particularly welcome examples that examine the intersection of gender with race, class, sexuality, and disability. Please submit your proposal as an anonymous pdf attachment by April 30, 2019. Full details about the panel’s aims, together with information about how to submit your proposal, are available on the CWMSG website at the following link

Members of the AMS who are interested in topics related to the Cold War are welcome to join the study group. Please visit our website or e-mail the current chair, Martha Sprigge, for more information.

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