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Belonging and Detachment : Representing Musical Identity in Visual Culture

13-15 November 2019, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Call for papers
19th International Conference of Association RIdIM 2019
Deadline for abstract submission: 1 April 2019
Program committee decision: 1 June 2019
Conference registration: 2 June – 31 October 2019
Conference: 13 – 15 November 2019 444444

Musicians and artists rarely operate in complete isolation. Throughout history they have negotiated power structures and geographical circumstances, and these factors remain influential in the digital age.

The 19th International Conference of Association RIdIM seeks to examine the ways in which musicians and artists experience ‘belonging’ and ‘detachment’ – be it socially, politically, geographically, artistically, aesthetically and/or philosophically. The primary concern of the conference is how such experiences impact upon the representation of musical identity in visual culture.

The location of the conference is testament to the very concepts being discussed. Tasmania belongs to, but is now physically detached from, mainland Australia: about 12,000 years ago the two land masses separated, generating ‘difference’.

The impact of the invasion and dispossession of Aboriginal land on pakana/palawa (Tasmanian Aborigines) was devastating. Today pakana/palawa are working towards healing the trauma of the past through Indigenous knowledges and cultural practices, building strength and resilience within the Aboriginal Community. This turbulent history of Tasmania is due to British colonisation, the migration and displacement of British convicts (who were sent to a penal colony that belonged to, but was far away from, their homeland). Today, Tasmania has wilderness and landscapes that grounds people to ‘Country’ and is enjoying a current renaissance, largely due to the ‘MONA effect’, as international attention is drawn to the state by the innovative curatorial practices of the Museum of Old and New Art.

As the current global crisis of mass migration and displacement highlights many different experiences of belonging and detachment, Association RIdIM invites submissions on all aspects of this theme relating to the representation of musical identity in visual culture. It hopes to foster a dialogue between scholars and practitioners and calls for paper proposals from diverse participants including musicologists, art historians and theorists, curators, performers, composers and artists.

Topics related to the conference theme might include:

The Other and Otherness

Centre and Periphery

Migration, Displacement, Diaspora

Multiculturalism, Cultural Pluralism and Transculturalism

Colonialism and Post-Colonialism

Music, Class and Power

Networks and Patronage

Artistic Hierarchies

Curatorial Practice

Considerations on Music Iconography as a Discipline

Music, Art and Empathy

Proposals are welcomed from visual artists and musicians addressing the ways in which the conference theme is approached in their own work.

Association RIdIM seeks to uphold the highest scholarly standards and invited participants are expected to give professional presentations that are well-prepared, engaging, on-topic and have a clear argument. A high-quality video recording will be made of all papers, with selected highlights to be included on the RIdIM website. Participants are kindly asked to stay for the entire conference, so as to contribute to discussions that benefit all. The conference will also include a practical introduction to Association RIdIM’s cataloguing methods designed as a workshop. Delegates are invited to bring details of items they would like to catalogue.

Association RIdIM offers two awards, i.e. the Lloyd and Constance Old Award (see web)and the Association RIdIM Award for the Encouragement of Young Scholars (see Web), and will endeavor to organise special panel sessions for younger, postgraduate and early career scholars.

Selected papers will be considered for publication in conference proceedings.

The language of the Conference is English.


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