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jeudi 15 juin 2017
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From New Spain to Mexico: The Mexican Musical Universe Between Centenaries (1517-1917)

4-5 décembre 2017, Baeza
CFP deadline: 3 September 2017
Website: http://www.sedem.es/es/actualidad/noticia.asp?id=173

Venue: International University of Andalusia, “Antonio Machado” Campus in Baeza, Jaen (Spain)

In 1917, the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States — still in force today — was promulgated. That year also witnessed the publication of the first history of music in Mexico: El arte musical en México by Alba Herrera y Ogazón. 1917 is, therefore, not only the starting point of a new Mexican constitutionalism but also that of the nascent historiography of Mexican music. Moreover, it is a point of arrival that allows us to pose, in contrast to traditional narratives, a retrospective view of Mexican music from that time back to 1517, when the expedition of the Andalusian conquistador Francisco Hernández de Córdoba reached the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The commemoration of both centenaries is an opportunity to reflect on the history of music in creole New Spain and independent Mexico, its practices, actors and discourses, their common elements and differential characteristics in the broader framework of the musical traditions of Iberia and the Americas. At the same time, the conference aims to promote new perspectives of study in relation to Mexican music from three current paradigms: postcolonial criticism, performance studies and digital musicology.

The conference will serve as the first academic meeting of the newly formed Study Group “Music and (Latin)American Studies” (MUSAM) of the Spanish Society of Musicology, which brings together Americanist musicologists from this scientific community. It will culminate in a series of concerts by outstanding ensembles in the field of early music, such as (among others) Il Giardino Armonico, Vandalia, Concerto 1700, Soloists of the Seville Baroque Orchestra, La Fontegara, Capella Prolationum & La Danserye, and Forma Antiqva (from 6 to 9 December). The concerts will take place in venues of historical and artistic interest in Úbeda and Baeza, World Heritage cities, within the framework of the XXI Early Music Festival of Úbeda & Baeza.



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