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musicologiemardi 22 novembre 2016

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Music : order and disorder

4 mars 2017, New York
Columbia Music Scholarship Conference
Abstract Deadline: December 20, 2016
Columbia University, New York City

cmsc2017 -at-

Columbia University Music Department welcomes submissions for the annual Columbia Music Scholarship Conference, to be held March 4, 2017. The conference organizers hope to bring together papers in any area of music research that provide productive, inventive, and diverse responses to this year's theme. Papers might address, but are not limited to, the following questions:

How is music ordered? How is musical knowledge ordered in art forms, academic disciplines, and genres? What kinds of ordering strategies have been imposed on music -- cataloging systems, genre labeling, formal analytical techniques, algorithmic and computational analyses? How has music resisted or yielded to these strategies? How might we understand musical creation and composition in relation to chaos and order? In what ways have musicians represented order and disorder in sound?

How does music order? How does music control or discipline bodies, populations, rituals, practices, nations, and identities? What is music's organizational role in legal, educational, medical, religious, political, and military settings? Which hierarchies exist in musical “art worlds”?

How does music generate disorder? When and how has disorder been seen to threaten musical coherence? How and when is such a threat generative? What is the role of music in protest and resistance? How have music and its listeners been pathologized? When and how have music and sound been used to diagnose and treat illness or identify and navigate disability?

To submit a proposal, please send an email with your name, institution, email address, and an abstract of no more than 250 words to cmsc2017 -at- by December 20, 2016. The committee will select papers anonymously. All scholars who submit abstracts will be notified of the committee's decision by February 1, 2017. Please direct all inquiries to conference co-chairs Eamonn Bell (epb2125 -at-, Paula Harper (pch2112 -at-, and Ralph Whyte (rrw2121 -at-
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