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musicologielundi 21 novembre 2016

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Embodied Monologues Symposium

31 mars 2017, Maynooth (IR)
Call for Papers and Performances
Deadline for proposals: 9 JANUARY 2017
Maynooth University, Ireland

In recent years, the emergence of practice-based and performance-led research has generated dynamic and provocative new forms of understanding in humanities scholarship. Knowledge and experience derived from embodied practices have expanded the epistemic fields centred on the body and its place in philosophy and aesthetics. 

The emergence of movement philosophy and literature especially, as well as a greater emphasis on the performer's body as predicated in contemporary theatre and dance practices, has opened new pathways for research only recently applied to music performance. As the one and only dramatic figure in monologues and monodramas, the solo performer has unprecedented agency in the dramaturgy and enactment of the piece. Embodied Monologues seeks to generate responses and challenges to the idea of solo or ‘mono' performance. The symposium will explore solo performance through practice and research across the humanities, investigating the multiple forces at work during the production and performative processes, and promote an interdisciplinary exchange among performers, researchers, and practitioners whose work is based primarily—however not exclusively—on solo performance.

Proposals are invited for individual papers, lecture recitals, research reports, posters, video-installations and specific sessions in any area of solo embodied or practice-led research. Deadline for abstract (maximum 300 words) and bio (maximum 100 word) is January 9, 2017. Proposals should be uploaded at 

SYMPOSIUM ORGANIZER: Francesca.Placanica -at-

KEYNOTE EVENTS Catherine Laws, Senior Lecturer Department of Music University of York, Senior Research Fellow at the Orpheus Institute, Ghent ;  Róisín O'Gorman, Lecturer in Drama & Theatre Studies, University College Cork

COMMITTEE: Christopher Morris, Professor of Music, Maynooth University ; Francesca Placanica, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Maynooth University; Benjamin Spatz, Senior Lecturer in Drama Theatre and Performance, University of Huddersfield.
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